GIC, Gabinete de Imagen y Comunicación offers a personalized and strategic approach to any PR environment (fashion, beauty, jewellery, accessories, etc) delivering either a brand, a product or service exposure through a variety and selected media, carrying out PR campaigns that work and help establish them in the media and market place today, getting them results.  

We are proud on representing the most selective group of European clients in Spain.

Our success is based on our wide experience; intuitive approach and close relationships with a large press media network worldwide.

Services by list:

  • Press media management: contacting our long-standing, high level and most influential media network.
  • Promoting the brand’s products and activities launching with the Press.
  • Carrying out the Design and development of strategically marketing & advertising campaigns as well as press releases.
  • Organization, design and development of press events and conferences (showrooms, fashion shows, openings, workshops, etc.).
  • Free advertising and/or publishing, thanks to our strong relationships with all major press media.
  • Consulting services on trends, market studies, social and media events at national and international level.
  • PR Campaigns Development & Advertising plans management
  • Hunting down sponsorship opportunities
  • Production of written material: press releases, brochure copies, company profiles and point of sale material.
  • Madrid & Barcelona showrooms with dedicated client/brand/products space.Press media management: contacting our long standing, high level and most influential media network.
  • Press clippings services, results & evaluation:  day-to-day publishing/advertising control.
  • Product placement.
  • New products/brand/services launching.
  • Shootings, coordination & model/celebrity selections.
  • Budget management
  • Exhibitions and trade shows:  we attend and support our clients at some of Europe’s top trade shows.
  • Strong relations with key celebrity agents, stylists, make-up artists and managers.
  • Selecting the right journalists, target the correct publication/media to reach your core aim audience.
  • Communication strategies development.
  • Shop openings and inaugurations.
  • Web/internet/blogs follow up.