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  • “Since I met Inma Canongia, GIC’s Managing Director, our relationship has become so close, warm and pleasant, that I feel myself as among my best friends, this is how I see GIC.  I really appreciate their professional efficiency and sensibility which deserve all my regard, respect and loving”.

    Asunción Batlle (Journalist, Ex-director of Lecturas Moda)

  • The great success of GIC consists on increasing a solid vocational training together with a steady “aggiornamento”, making that their substantial intellectual and technical knowledge never lacks of affectivity and friendship.  GIC is based on a professional team whose specific features are mixed up of effectiveness and a sharp avant-gardism sense, without giving up their Catalan “seny”. 

    Mara Calabuig (Journalist –Bachelor in Art)

  • “All the brands represented by GIC are the most exclusive.  I love how GIC manages press events organization in a practical and brief way to avoid wasting time, their fast response to press queries.  Above all, what I mostly appreciate on their team is their charm, friendly way when dealing with us (e.g.: addressing us by our names/nicknames), making us feeling very comfortable. GIC’s manners, and expressions can only be defined in just one word:  exquisiteness”.

    Mª Luisa González de Linares (Journalist, SEMANA magazine)

  • “You want to know what I think about GIC.  Well, I will deal this as if were questioned at the street and I would say, without analyzing at all, that I see GIC as a craft company, delivering customized services at all times.  At any event, they know how to specifically communicate the right concept in a perfect scene on stage.  It constantly surprised me, their deep knowledge on using the most trendy or fashion places in Madrid to launch their new products and/or brands.
    I feel GIC as a very skilled team, well directed and harmonic.

    They are the perfect image of the brands/products/services and clients they represent adding a touch of class, style and “savoir faire”.  They always create a warm, friendly and participatory atmosphere among the professionals they address to.  For me, GIC is an excellent PR Agency.

    Elena Méndez-Maroto (!HOLA¡ Advertising Director)

  • “Anything I want to know or do as:  Having an Interview with the best design or getting to know the most prestigious jeweller’s shop history?  Who is the best perfumer?   No problem.  GIC’s Executive Team will provide me with all these and more… in just a wink.  I feel relaxed when I speak to anyone of the team and ask for anything. They are fast, efficient and so charming.  I’ve never seen them in a bad mood or using inappropriate words -I can assure you that we sometimes lose our manners when we are under Media’s pressure-.  Additionally, they have even help me with things did not concerned their business.  I wish this romance lasted forever.  My congratulations for Inma Canongia, the Manager director, as she had an eye for hiring such a good team (well done!!)

    Ana Parrilla (Journalist freelance: magazine El Mundo and other publications)

  • “GIC is like the joker in a card game, it is not essential but if you have it, you have an advantage”.

    Encarna Romero (Calabuig Decorator and Stylist)

About GIC

GIC, Gabinete de Imagen y Comunicacion was founded in Barcelona in 1987 by a group of skilled professionals specialized in areas such as:  Business, Public Relations, Journalism and Communication.

At present, GIC is a founding member of the Col·legi de Publicitaris i Relacions Públiques de Catalunya and contributes on relevant project developments together with other European Agencies and/or companies and it is also member of ANAC (Spanish PR Agencies Association).

GIC’s main goal is to provide clients with personalized and strategic PR services to brands, products or services.  For this purpose, GIC comprises, both in Barcelona and Madrid, a highly qualified and dedicated team with wide experience in the PR Area, strategic & marketing plans development, events organization, press media handling.  Providing clients with all the necessary support they may require.

Nowadays, GIC is proud of being supported by a large network of either national or international contacts from areas such as business, communication and PR World, although GIC’s work is currently focused in Spain.